GF= Gluten Free, V= Vegan, VG= Vegetarian

Gluten Free Bread Available Upon Request

Unforgettable Omelettes

Made w/ 3 fresh eggs. Served w/ breakfast potatoes & toast.


Farmhouse   15

Your choice of country style sausage or Virginia ham w/ sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese drizzled w/ roasted garlic aioli


Norway   16

Cold smoked Norwegian salmon, cream cheese, capers & diced tomatoes


TexMex   16

Chorizo crumbles & sweet bells together w/ caramelized onions, mushrooms, melted pepper jack topped w/ salsa & sour cream


Backyard Garden   14   VG

A fresh sautéed array of broccoli, asparagus, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, sweet bells, baby spinach& finished with melted feta


Avo-lanche   16

Applewood smoked bacon, fresh diced tomatoes, cheddar cheese topped w/ avocado & sriracha aioli


Bagel Sandwiches

Artisanal wrap add 1


Traditional   10

Your choice of Applewood smoked bacon, Virginia ham or sausage w/ scrambled egg & American cheese


Morning After   14

Scrambled eggs & Applewood smoked bacon w/ melted cheddar, fresh avocado & a sriracha aioli


Green Delight   13    VG

Fresh sliced tomatoes, red onion & baby spinach w/ fried egg & a honey drizzle


Sticky Sammy   15

Applewood smoked bacon, melted cheddar & sunny egg meet between 2 maple glazed pieces of our Famous French toast




Breakfast Hash   16

House made corned beef w/ crisped potatoes & onions. Served w/ eggs your way & toast

SuperNova Platter   16

Cold smoked Norwegian salmon flowers, red onion, fresh sliced tomatoes, capers & cream cheese served w/ toasted bagel


Park Ave Breakfast   13

2 fresh cracked eggs your way w/ any side of meat, potatoes & toast


Famous French Toast   11   VG

3 pieces of French bread battered & pan fried to golden perfection. Topped w/ butter, cinnamon sugar & served w/ pure PA maple syrup


Banana-Berry Foster   14   VG

Our Famous French toast piled high w/ cinnamon & brown sugar glazed bananas, berries & homemade whipped cream


SuperFood Bowl   10   V, GF

You choice of home-style oatmeal or quinoa w/ raisins, cranberries, almond slivers & fresh berry compote

Avocado Toast with Eggs   15  V

Multigrain crostinis generously covered w/ fresh avocado & served w/ fresh diced pico de gallo and 2 eggs your way


Fill Up or Fill IN


Home Fries w/ onions   5   V, GF


Breakfast Meat   5

Applewood smoked bacon, scrapple, Virginia ham, country style sausage links or patties, Turkey sausage patties


Fresh Cut Seasonal Fruit   7  V, GF


Light Fare


Homemade Muffins   5   VG

Ask which of our family recipes is being baked fresh today


Sour Cream Coffee Cake   4   VG


Fresh Baked Bagels   4   VG

Toasted & served w/ your favorite spread